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This site has been created as a way of sharing with people, the interests a group of friends living in New Zealand's South Island city of Christchurch. As its turned out, we have inadvertently (at first) applauded the greater beauty of New Zealand and its attractions. It's often said that people don't realize what their country has to  offer, and in New Zealand this would still be a fair assumption. For those involved in outdoor pursuits through-out New Zealand you'll know of the great diversity and opportunity's were presented with, for those not, perhaps we can encourage you to give something new a go.

Above all, for everyone visiting this site from far or near, we hope you enjoy the visit.


Well firstly we live in New Zealand obviously, way down in the South Pacific just past our Kangaroo cousins in Australia. Next stop Antarctica. 
A lot of us live within the coastal area of Christchurch, North Beach,  New Brighton and the likes.

Our Australian neighbors  are sometimes referred to as Kangaroo's, and we have the sometimes familiar nick name of being called Kiwi's. 
Australia and New Zealand share a close relationship in most instances, the main difference being our Nuclear Free stance. I guess it's New Zealand's way of saying that nuclear weapons are a big mistake, and we don't want to be involved with them. This has of course led to some upsets between ourselves and military relationships with the US and Australia.

From the map below you'll see that Christchurch is located in the South Island. To be biased, most people living here will tell you its the nicest city in New Zealand. Everyone I know seems to agree. Christchurch would be the 3rd largest city and is known as the Garden City. This is due to its vast array of parks and natural presence of river's. As for work, were a  diverse bunch ranging from mechanical to computers. 


Firstly would be water sports, Scuba diving mainly, just love those Lobsters. However as a group we also enjoy Fishing, Tramping/Hiking and of course 4x4 driving. I guess anything to do with the outdoors appeals to us, I find there's nothing like something that gets you doing or going somewhere different.

During the mid year we also play competition pool (8 ball) for the local Cafe/Bar. As a group we've played for nearly 5 years and have achieved a 1st 2nd and 6th in 4 years. Hoping for similar again this year, but mainly aiming for first prize. 

Over time we hope to publish quite a few photo's taken whilst we engage in our pursuits of Scuba, Fishing and 4x4 Trips around the fantastic coastline's and mountains of New Zealand. 

We hope you all enjoy this site, and maybe one day you may just be tempted to take a detour down this way and experience New Zealand all for yourself.


New Zealand : 

If you ever get the chance to visit either country, (Australia or NZ) you wont be disappointed. 
New Zealand is very rugged and is fairly much dominated by mountains, rolling hills, rivers/lakes and of course surrounded by ocean. Parts are pretty remote and with a total population of approx 3.5 million people, there's plenty of space. 
Kiwi's are generally right in to sports of all kind's, our national game is Rugby and our team The All Blacks have been world champs. 

On a Yachting note some of you may know New Zealand also holds the America's Cup. 
The next challenge for the cup is the year 2003, Auckland our largest city host's the event. 
We also compete in the Whitbread Round The World race, Renamed now as "The  Race". Skipper Grant Dalton of NZ has set another milestone in his brilliant sailing career in 2001 on board Club Med, 1st overall winner!!!! 

For all you keen on outdoor action/adventure, 
I thoroughly recommend a trip here. 
They say the adrenaline capital of the world is Queenstown, (middle of the South island). 
For all those who've had the pleasure of spending some time there, you'll know what they mean :extreme skiing and every other adrenaline pumping sport known to mankind all in one rugged beautiful location. Of course Bungee Jumping was the first adrenalin rush to grace Queenstown thanks to Mr  A J Hackett, the inventor of the now world bungee craze. For those with the temptation, try the Pipe Line jump, highest land based jump in the southern hemisphere.
Try searching for "Queenstown" on the net...or to get a better idea. ...just ask some-one whose traveled here. 
Another place well frequented by tourists lie's on the lower west coast of New Zealand's South Island. 
The place is known as Fiordland National Park, one of the largest national parks (1.52 million hectare's) in the world, and said to be the 2nd largest rain forest in the world today. Rain fall can be close to 9metres in one year.. 
The whole area is very remote, access to a lot of it is by helicopter, and then spending time aboard a charter vessel cruising the vast array of glacier forged fiord's. 

We've had the great pleasure of a week aboard a vessel diving and fishing back in 1998. This was our first trip to Fiordland, but will definitely not be the last!!!!Our next trip is scheduled for mid 2002. 
We'll post some pic's of the on the page below. 

In the meantime, try these link's for an insight to Fiordland    

Okay, that's it for now, next stop is to update some pic's of recent trips, check these out on the recent pic's page below....... We will try and keep photos of the different pursuits on there own pages below, as well as some updated notes to accompany them 

Once again, thanks for stopping by. 
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Banks Peninsula, very close to home..approx15mins to the city of Christchurch.                                                       

Kaikoura Coastline ( Sth Island) East Coast                                                                                 Some happy looking fellows...with lunch. 
A view over Queenstown  in the summer.....                A map showing NZ and the Sth Island 
winter and everything is covered in snow 
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